Akin to owning an intimate work of art, bespoke footwear indulges a classic sense of style, a personalized process, and a traditional artisanal approach.

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Vogel’s most important asset is the relationship with its customers. Trust and discretion are never taken for granted but rather earned each time a customer confides in the artisan shoemaker his or her personal definition of comfort and style. Meticulous exploration during a private meeting at Vogel’s atelier seeks to achieve the perfect fit, which is oriented around a custom last that will serve the customer throughout their lifetime. The personalized last is what all bespoke models are crafted around, and it is elemental to a custom fit. Once inside the atelier, the customer can personalize their boot or shoe even more by selecting a specific leather, lining, toe style, and sole.

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Footwear that is unique starts with a flawless fit. This is true for any bespoke shoe or boot that is crafted with certain expectations, like comfort or style. This is where the crucial relationship between the shoemaker and the customer becomes even more vital to the bespoke experience because attention to detail will define whether the footwear possesses the desired characteristics and meets the customer’s standards.

The artisanal touch

Little else is as sumptuous as apparel or accessories singularly crafted for their wearer. Custom made from the finest materials available, it is the artisanal touch that elevates the experience from handmade to bespoke.

This intangible expertise represents generations of craft mastery honed and perfected during lifetimes of dedication to the art of shoemaking.

No longer the pursuit of a basic commodity, the bespoke experience grants the customer access to a precious trifecta of skills, knowledge, and experience that are as much a part of Vogel boots and shoes as are the premium materials from which they are made.

In the footsteps of excellence

The finished footwear represents a master work of traditional shoemaking combined with classic style and made exclusively in one of the world’s most dynamic cities. Set against the backdrop of New York City, the bespoke footwear experience offered by Vogel brings together modern sentiments for luxury, service, and quality with an old-world dedication to craftsmanship. When expectations are met and even exceeded and when loyalty to the customer is paramount, that’s the bespoke experience by Vogel.

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