The history of Vogel footwear goes beyond a simple chronology of dates and highlights to instead reveal a story about craft mastery, loyalty, and provenance. These have always been what matter most to the Vogel experience.

The master craftsman: Egidius Vogel

19th century New York City hardly guaranteed success for anyone at the time. Yet amidst the chaos of corruption, poverty, and a country recently in conflict with itself, Egidius Vogel arrived in Manhattan from his native Germany and established himself in 1879 as a master craftsman of shoemaking. Although he was a private person, Vogel’s handmade shoes were a manifestation of his enduring ethos to create a bespoke footwear experience for the most refined clientele. It wasn’t just the quality of his shoes however, that gained him a reputation, but the way he made his customers feel, which brought them back to his Lower Manhattan shop for decades.

The bespoke experience

The relationship between the artisan and the customer was a hallmark of Vogel’s that he took care to pass on to the next generation of shoemakers. Crafting handmade footwear is personal and the most basic expectation for Vogel footwear should be a total dedication to the process. Four generations of Vogels have built long-lasting relationships with customers through this dedication, which is underscored by discretion, personalized service, and an unmatched commitment to excellence. The Vogels’ loyal following has been hard-earned and well-deserved.

Born in NYC

The first Vogel shop was located on Wall Street and quickly succeeded in attracting the Lower Manhattan elite. As word spread and demand escalated, E. Vogel’s business thrived, which raised the prospect of expansion, relocation, and outsourcing. To follow such obvious growth trajectories, however, would likely compromise the company’s reputation for a dedicated bespoke footwear experience. Instead, Vogel has stayed faithful to its tradition of crafting classic, handmade footwear in New York City, where customers from up town or across the world have the greatest access to the Vogel atelier.

Why Vogel

Though much has changed since 1879, Vogel has remained steadfast in its mission to create a bespoke footwear experience instead of setting trends in fashion, business, and craftsmanship. The company has flourished for four generations and counts among its esteemed clientele former U.S. presidents and statesmen, as well as celebrated movie stars, and world-renowned equestrians. What draws them to Vogel is a reputation that’s been evolving for more than a century, one that’s synonymous with elegance, tradition, and handmade mastery. 


Mastering an art form since 1879


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